Online Learning Object with Twine

Online Learning Objects with Twine

This Online learning module Was created as tool for self directed learning about projections and coordinate systems. It has a choose your own adventure flow, with embedded quizzes for self-assessment. The final section is a troubleshooting module for common projection issues that may be encountered while visualizing geospatial data.

Data: Natural Earth Data
Tools: ArcGIS, Inkscape, Twine, JavaScript, PHP & HTML .

Inuit Land use and Occupancy

Inuit Land use and Occupancy

This map was from a series depicting the polar bear, whale and walrus hunting areas of South Baffin. Data was collected between 1915-1975, and held at Library & Archives Canada until it was digitized and integrated into a geopatial format

Data: ILUOP, GeoBase, GeoGratis.
Tools: QGIS, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop .

Natural Treatment Wetlands: Kivalliq, Nunavut

Natural Treatment Wetlands: Kivalliq, Nunavut

This poster visualized the efficiency of of natural treatment wetlands as a means of filtering waste in the Kivalliq, Nunavut region of Canada's North.

Data: CAWT,, Geogratis, Environment Canada, Statistics Canada.
Tools: ArcGIS, Adobe Illustrator, MapPublisher, Photoshop.

Census Cartogram

Cartogram to depict population and distribution of ethnic groups in Ontario, Canada.

Data: Statistics Canada, Geogratis.
Tools: QGIS, Inkscape.

Tracks Across the Sand

This map provides a geographic overview and place name guide to the Khomani San traditional and present day cultural landscapes, territory and specific places that are referred to in the chapters presented in the 'Tracks Across the Sand' DVD.

Data: San People of the Southn Kalahari, Hugh Brody, William Kemp, Southern Kalahari Tourism Development Plan, OSM
Tools: QGIS, Inkscape.